Let go of the past. Start today!

When I was younger someone showed me a graph about the power of compound interest on your savings. If you’ve never seen this, here is an example.

The biggest import of this graph? Start early!

But what happens if you didn’t start early? If you’re like me, you weren’t able to put money away that early. Maybe you needed to pay off student loans. Maybe you had a mortgage you needed to pay off (which makes total sense if your mortgage interest is higher than the interest you make on your savings).

Maybe you just wanted to have fun. Whatever the reason, you didn’t start early. You have missed out on some of the opportunity of starting early. There is nothing you can do about that now.

Maybe this is another in a long list of missed opportunities. Missed moments to move your life forward. Another time you missed taking the road you should take. This may be true, but there is no point dwelling on them. You need to learn from them.

You didn’t start in the past, but you can start now.

It is true that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is now.



“Yes, let’s!”


Ever felt stuck? Felt like you wanted to do something differently? start some initiative? encourage a new way of looking at the world?

I bet you have.

I also bet that you met resistance from the people around you. Comments like, “That’s not how we do things here.” or “Yeah, thanks. Can we be a bit more practical here?”

I recently saw an advertisement (which I unfortunately cannot find online) where a bunch of music executives sat around discussing how to sell more CDs. The typical options were offered; massive discount, 10 for the price of 1, cooler covers, etc.

Finally one says, “Well, if people are moving toward streaming music, why don’t we sell music on-line through a subscription website?”

They all turned to her and asked, “How will that help us sell CDs?”

I think many of us have experienced similar situations, because most of the time we are all pre-wired to say “No” to something new and unfamiliar.

How can you help create space for newness?

Improv has many, many games which can help out with this, but one of my favourites is called, “Yes, let’s!”

Start with everyone standing up and walking around the room. At some point someone makes an offer by saying, “Let’s ___________!” and then starts miming the activity (this can be anything, but should be something that has some kind of physicality to it, like digging a hole, washing a car, painting a fence, etc.).

Everyone else in the room responds with, “Yes, let’s!” and starts doing that activity. After a little while someone new makes another offer.

This continues until the facilitator says, “Let’s take a seat!”

This is activity encourages openness, crazy offers, and positive responses. I guarantee the environment will feel different after doing a game like this.

So, let’s make space for new ideas!

The world needs what you’ve got.


I need you to hear this. Really take it to heart.

Don’t just skip over this as a common platitude and assume its just more useless motivational crap.

The world NEEDS what you’ve got.

You are here. You have a unique perspective on the world. Your particular combination of talent, skill, and ability does not exist anywhere else.

Sure, there are plenty of people who are better at each of these. There are people who are more talented musicians, more skilled communicators, more able project managers, but they are not you.

No one is better at being you.

And the world needs YOU!

Its needs the best you. The you which is unafraid to step in to help solve problems. The you which cares more about people than things. The person who is able to sacrifice a bit of your own liberty to insure that others are cared for and protected.

In other words, the world needs the BEST you.

The you that is fulfilled after a day of work that makes the world a better place. The you that puts the effort in necessary to develop deep and meaningful relationships with people who disagree with you. The you who has something unique to offer the world.

The world needs you, so bring your best self everyday!