The power of rituals.

My morning ritual is filled with the best sounds.

Quiet. Distinct. Peaceful sounds.

The pop of the seal as it is lifted from the can.

The crunch of the scoop as it is drug through the grounds.

The swoosh of the water poured into the reservoir.

The slow drip, drip, gurgle, drip of the wondrous machine preparing something amazing.

These sounds make up my morning, and the smell of coffee fills the air as I sit and read about writing.

The steam swirls in the morning sun, shadowy vapours illumined by distant explosions. I enjoy every aspect of this culturally sanctioned addiction which I have claimed as my own.

The swoosh of fresh coffee filling the cup. The clink of the spoon mixing in the cream, French Vanilla this time.

The anticipation of a bit of thinking and reading as I sit in my brown wing back chair by the fireplace, the morning sun spilling in through the window.

I watch the steam swirl around the rim.


Afterwards the sight of those rogue little grounds floating in a teaspoon of dark liquid in the bottom of the cup fills me with such sadness.

Something good is over.

That this time is slipping through my fingers.

That a time of peace has ended.

So I refill the cup and begin the ritual again.


Build your dreams…

… brick by brick.

Professional Construction Worker Laying Bricks And Building Barb

We all have dreams. Things we would love to do. Places we would love to visit, or live. People we would love to be.

Lives we would love to live.

Lives where our words do not hurt. Lives where kindness and forgiveness flow from us like a never ending stream. Lives full of joy and promise that encourage those are around.

Dreams don’t come true all of a sudden.

Anyone who has even made a New Year’s resolution knows that. Our lives are not changed in an instant. But instead of taking the small steps that we can make, we give up. We say, “I know I won’t do it anyway, so I may as well not try.”

Why do we give up so easily? Often before we even start?

I think its because we underestimate the impact of small things.

Your dreams can be built, it just happens slowly, brick by brick. Your life can be changed. Your heart can be softened where it needs to be, and made strong where it needs to be.

You are called to be so much more than you are right now. Those dreams you have about being a better person are given to you for a reason.

You just need to start building, brick by brick.

Take the risk, even if you know you will lose.


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reflecting on my life over the past month. Looking back at where I’ve been, and trying to find the threads that weave all the things I’ve done together.

The biggest thing I noticed?

I most regret the times I was too scared to try something out.

I know it seems a bit cliche, but its really true. I remember attending one of my cousin’s weddings when I was about 13 or 14. I was pretty scared to dance, because I didn’t really know how to do it. I was asked to dance by a couple of girls, but allowed my fear to keep me grounded in my seat.

I don’t want to keep regretting not taking chances. I don’t think you do either.

Take a chance today, even if its a little one.